Climax Forest Farm

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Climax Forest Farm is located in a wide open sunny holler, deep in Madison County, North Carolina. The traditional 1880s homestead is surrounded by a vast Appalachian hardwood forest that rises 1200 feet to an encircling ridge with breathtaking views. The forest floor provides a diversity of medicinal herbs and wild foods while multitudes of black walnut, oak, hickory, persimmon, sugar maple, and chestnut fill the canopy. With its direct southern exposure, flowing waters and variance of micro-climates, the land is ideally suited to forest farming.  

Working with nature, we are pioneering an integrated  approach to regenerative forestry and community supported agriculture.

At Climax we cultivate the forest and farm as one productive organism, integrating the plants, animals, seasons and cycles of both environments. Forest farming is the cultivation of perennial polycultures, aka plant guilds. Mindfully assembled into woodland eco-systems  these guilds produce a diversity of yields, while enhancing the long range health and integrity of the forest.   Modeled after the symbiotic relationships observed in forest communities, well-designed guilds spread multiple harvests over space and time, producing combined yields and a level of sustainability that far exceeds conventional row cropping.

             Invest in perennial food security!

 Members invest by pre-purchasing credits that may be exchanged for the following:

  • Seasonal produce, herbs, honey, eggs and value-added products

  • U-Pick and Wild-crafting of herbs, mushrooms, berry, fruit and nut crops

  • Nursery plants, trees and seeds

  • Day hikes, camping and cabin rentals

  • Forest-to-table feasts

  • Event hosting for your ceremonies, small gatherings and workshops

  • Permaculture Design consultations for home, farm and business

  • Sustainably harvested timber products and firewood

  • Workshops on forest farming, permaculture and the sustainable arts


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